Childrens Book for Room to Read Nepal

Jhusilkira le Khola Kasari Taryo?

How did the Caterpillar Cross the River
Room to Read Nepal, 2013
Medium: Collage

One sunny afternoon, a caterpillar is resting on the leaf of a tree in the riverbank when suddenly a gust of wind pushes him into the river. He asks the animals in and around the river for help. How will the caterpillar get to safety?

Gohi Aayo!

Here comes the Croc!
Room to Read Nepal, 2016
Medium: Collage/ Digital

When Bina sees the croc near the pond she shouts, “The croc is here!” and runs into her house. But the croc follows. Bina hides, but the croc finds her. What will happen when he takes her back to the pond? You might be surprised!

Happu ra Balloon

Happu and the balloon.
Room to Read Nepal, 2017
Medium: Digital

Hapu got a balloon. It flew away. But when it reached up above the sky, the balloon burst! What will happen to Hapu now?

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