BFA Exhibition Project 2014

Traditional art is the result of centuries of practice and perfection. Once, these crafts used to be part of everyday life. In the course of time, modernization and technology have taken over our traditional craftsmanship has become outdated. Products that were once functional are now treated as decorative pieces and souvenirs. With each passing day they are appreciated a little less, and become in danger of being forgotten.

Though the form and function may change, our artistic roots can provide us with a ceaseless well of inspiration. My integrated project explores possibility of adapting our traditional art and craft into the modern lifestyle. I believe, with the power of design, traditional art can continue to be used. Beautiful ethnic dresses, their patterns, shapes and colors hold a special fascination and have provided me the base for my project. I have used these isometric shapes, color blocks and silhouettes to develop products that are a fusion between the traditional arts and contemporary design. These products fit seamlessly into today’s lifestyle and hopefully they will remind people of the beautiful legacy of Nepal’s traditional arts and crafts.

Featured article: Kathmandupost

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